• In celebration of pointy hats

    Gnomenclature /ˈnōmənˌklāCHər/


    1. The devising or choosing of gnome related names/puns for things, esp. in a compulsive and tenuous way.

    2. The body or system of such names in a particular field: "the nomenclature of behaviour within gnome compounds".

    Right? Well lets begin


    When in Gnome.....


    do as the Gnomams do.

    That pretty much sets the tone, are you man/woman/gnome enough to make it to the end?

    We'll do it together, because it's good to remember....


    Gnome, an is an island.

    Do you like what I did there? OOh there's more.

    Within the serious world of working life where would we be without help from the......


    Gnome office.


    And in times of need the Gnome guard.



    Bits N Bobs

    For this to work you have to know that this is soap.

    Gnome, need to get yourself into a lather!

    (I especially like this one, for the length of time it took to explain to my daughter and for the ABSOLUTELY straight face it got from her Dad. Priceless, I had thought it was my best offering until this next.)


    Wait for it.........................................................Gnomeward Bound

    That's it, I've peaked.

    I'll just leave you with two more lovely images that I've yet to name



    OO OOOh just got one, hurrah for a sleepy brain........... Gnome more.


    • 1. Feb 25 2012 8:15PM by Becca

      A great collection of gnomey things! Thanks for including mine!

    • 2. Feb 25 2012 8:45PM by catherine

      Thanks and you're welcome. I really had far too much fun putting it all together this week.

    • 3. Feb 26 2012 4:41PM by Kwesi

      So, this is where the gnomes come for their hols. He heeeee!!!!!

    • 4. Feb 26 2012 8:33PM by catherine

      I love the idea of gnomes having holidays. Richards parents were given a garden gnome as a gift. (it was left in their garden) So they in turn left to in a friends garden, (with a note i think) and those friends 'left' it to someone else. It eventually travelled beyond and into the wide world. I like to think of it gradually circumnavigating and making its way back to them again......

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