• Quality, Cost or Useability?

    I had a vision of wool batting and a budget of synthetic. For me that's a fine line to walk with project abandon looming.

    Here's how it was saved:

    Nows a good time to say which book I'm using:


    It's the 1981 edition, which explains my surprise and slight relief at these new fangled more simple ways.

    Today I've learnt that it's possible to buy wadding or batting in big sheets, and that there's an iron on thing to join pieces.

    I've been warned about snapping needles when sewing, unnacountable lumps and uber bulkyness, so it looks like it's the right choice to contend myself with user friendly synthetic batting. I should be gleeful right? Very wrong.

    Thankfully I've just ordered some fabrics for dolls clothes and I found out that the store caps their delivery charges. That just made my descision so much easier!

    What? I discover I can get wadding in sheets but then I go on to buy a roll?!!.

    I've only recently discovered the amazing ness of wool. I made some three fingered gloves a few years back and commented to a friend how they're really really toasty except for the thumb. She pointed out that the thumb was the only part made with acrylic wool. This set me thinking about favourite cardigans, how some demand layers and others make me steam at the ears.

    It's all down to the wool content.

    Yup I'm a wool convert. So sometime this week I'll be the proud owner of 10 metres of organic fabrics and 8 metres of organic wool batting. Hmmn better stock up on machine needles too then.

    I've found some fabulous looking stockists.


    Good information, great range of products. Actually I meandered into their felting department and found it very hard to leave, hmm felt


    Always good service (I've been using them for wool stuffing on THE COURSE) and so much stuff, I want to try their bag of mixed tops next.


    This is the company I've ordered the wadding from.They do an 8m x 1m roll.


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